The Archivist

Do you or your family have any old 8mm or Super 8 film, VHS, camcorder tapes, photos, slides, cassettes, vinyl or other media taking up valuable space and need them digitized before they disintegrate? I would love to help!


Made available to you through Google Drive, Dropbox, or on a DVD or personal flash drive (for purchase) 

Film and Video:

Super 8 and 8MM film


Camcorder Tapes (8MM, Hi8, VHS-C, MiniDV)

DVD Ripping/Duplication


Cassette Tapes


Reel to Reel

8-Track Tape



Photos (various sizes)

Slides (Color and B/W)



Floppy Disks (3.5 inch)

Current Specials: 

"The Figure 8"  Film Deal!

An 8 stack of 8mm or Super8 film (3" diameter) for $100

Check out some of our reviews: 

"I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else but Aaron to upload my old radio show tapes. Aaron labeled them and put them all in the same place for me to find very easily. Hours and hours of embarrassing and shameful memories that I’ll treasure forever all at my listening enjoyment. Grandma’s 80th birthday party, school talent shows, the birth of your first born child that was an unexpected surprise, your cat’s high school reunion, your adult clog dance recital, pre YouTube make up tutorials and the list goes on. Aaron is your guy!" - Jill C. June 2022

If you have old VHS tapes, it’s time to digitize those bad boys and bring them to 2022! Thanks Aaron for helping me save some special moments.

--Ryan C.


Ok. For real FOR REAL! Check this out! I spent Mother’s Day watching memories that I believed were lost to me forever. My oldest kiddo is 16 and when he was born, I was gifted a camcorder. Yeah, yeah…we didn’t have smartphones yet! All of his big FIRSTs were on these tapes. Aaron sent our digital copy just days after he took on the project and I received it on Mother’s Day. I watched it with my boy and we laughed, we cried and we sent the video to friends that were in it. The greatest gift of all was seeing my brother in law (that recently passed away) holding my son and pouring out his giant wealth of love. What a gift. If you have old tapes, I highly suggest using this service. Wow. THANK YOU Aaron!

--Stephanie G.


Aaron digitized a 40 year old VHS of my old band and I sound just as horrible now as I did 40 years ago. 10/10. Would digitize again!

--Mike F.


Did a great job transferring old footage of my family in the 1930's that been shared and loved by my whole family.

--Kent S.


Aaron digitized a tape for me of some esoteric black metal that would turn Lovecraft's brain into worm food if it weren't already. It sounded just as I had hoped.

--Stephen P.